Alec Lomami

Name: Alec Lomami

Genre: Urban Pop/Afro Pop

Location: North Carolina, USA

Origin: Kinshasa, DR Congo

I’m Alec Lomami born on October 14, 1982. Like most Kinois who grew up listening to Hip Hop,I was heavily influenced by American Hip Hop. So we grew up idolizing acts like Tupac, Digital Planets, House of Pain, Onyx, MC Lyte, Rakim, Nas, and the likes. Then French hip hop started to make itself felt, and I started listening to MC Solar, Menelik, IAM and such. Those acts helped shaping my outlook. I started mixing my African upbringing with this new Afro America/European urban lifestyle. Then came Fatima CIA, the first Hip Hop group from Congo, I can personally remember making some noise on the Congolese music scene. I realized that I could do more than just enjoy this musical style, but I could actually contribute to the movement. So my friends Bruno Omokoko, Adam Lokwa, and MC Prezo and I began an informal rap group in Salongo. We had plans to record some music but I ended up leaving the country and my rap dreams behind. I thought about making music several times, I even performed here and there but mainly for fun and games. Then in 2009, I hooked up with long time friend Federico Mejia of the band Youth Sounds in order to record an E.P.
The style is a mixture of Hip Hop and Indie Pop. My intention is to make some danceable heart felt pop records, music that’s fun, catchy, sincere, and full of hopes.
The E.P. is due out in late September – free of charge and mark the beginning of my musical journey in which you are invited to join!


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