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Sketch of the Week

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Juste Pour Rire

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On jette une pierre dans la rivière ;
–          le blanc entend : plouf
–          le congolais entend : tshoubou
On frappe à la porte ;
–          le blanc entend : toc toc toc
–          le congolais entend : ko ko ko
On éternue ;
–          le blanc entend : atchoum !
–          le congolais : intshieee !
Le moustique passe ;
–          le blanc entend : zzzzzzzzzz
–          le congolais : nzzzuiiiiiii
On ferme un cadenas ;
–          le blanc entend : clic clac
–          le congolais : kreketshe

Innovative and inspiring, YCF, a Facebook base page, seeks to expose and promote a new generation of Congolese doing it big both abroad and inland. The concept is fascinating and refreshing. Seeing positive fruits emerging from a soil infested with war and death stirs one’s heart and instills a sense of hope for the future

They are currently looking into expanding: magazine and website, if you are well versed in IT stuff or are a writer feel free to shoot them an email at

Here is a sneak pick of what they have on their page. For more info look them up on Facebook.

Literature :

Fiston Nasser Mwanza

Poet, novelist and playwright. Fiston was Born in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mwanza Mujila Sonny lives in Graz, Austria where he continued his studies in literature.


Dikembe Mutombo

Dikembe is a retired Congolese American professional basketball player who last played for the Houston Rockets of the NBA. He was the oldest player in the NBA at the time of his most recent season and referred to as one of the greatest shot blockers and defensive players of all time, winning the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award four times.

A well-known humanitarian, Mutombo started the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation to improve living conditions in his native DRC and throught which he built $29 million, 300-bed hospital on the outskirts of Kinshasa.


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RNW Africa producer Ikenna Azuike presents ‘What’s Up Africa’ (WUA): a weekly entertainment video blog on what’s hip, creative and making the news in Africa. Told through an African lens, WUA is Europe’s first video blog focussed on a lighthearted, fresh and critical look at goings-on in west, east and southern Africa. Tune in every Friday to watch a new episode.


For more episodes here is IkennaAzuike’s youtube Channel

Artistic Impression ~ Kalif Kalume

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Tous ceux qui ont était à Kinshasa ce dernière années connaissent le succès légendaire de Matrix Show , un show qui a inspiré toute une génération des jeunes kinois.

A Retrouve ici quelques épisode du show!! Sinon pour une exclusivité de la nouvel épisode  le lien est en bas

Sketch of the Week

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