Sabrina Moella

Name: Sabrina Moella

Profession: Independent writer and filmmaker

Location: Toronto, Canada

Origin: Born in France from Congolese parents

After an undergraduate in Media Studies and another one in African Studies, she started working as a journalist and TV writer in Paris. She received her first screenwriting nod for the short film “Letter to Abou” that was presented at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the “10 shorts against racism” films series.
After earning her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications from La Sorbonne University, she decided to move to Canada to pursue a career in filmmaking. Her work focuses on studying and narrating the everyday life, traditions, and culture of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora.
Her films have screened at many festivals across Canada and the US and have aired on prestigious programs such as BET J’s “Black Stories” and the Badami syndicated series “African American Short Films.”Sabrina has a passion for hair, dance and old still photography, three themes that are omnipresent in her films. When not busy shooting a new project or writing poetry, she can be seen rehearsing new soukouss dance steps in her living room or braiding her girlfriends hair downtown Toronto.

She is currently writing her first feature length screenplay, temporarily entitled “Little Things”.

Nappy Heads ( Black Hair Short Film)

A tribute to the glorious afro!

Shot on Super 8 in the streets of Toronto, “Nappy Heads” portrays dozens of women, men and children who all accepted to “shake their nappy heads” in front of the camera. Afros, dreadlocks, cornrows… all types of natural hairstyles are represented. And the jazzy funky score “Seems as though” performed by flautist Jef Kearns gives amazing life to these charming series of portraits.


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