Lopango ya Banka

Name: Lopango ya Banka

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: Germany

Origin: Kinshasa, DR Congo

Web-Address: http://www.lopango-yabanka.com

“Lopango ya Banka” in Lingala translates to “House of the Ancestors.” Lopango ya Banka, that is also a collective of eight young musicians who were born in Kinshasa and today live in Germany. Through their music their social activities they maintain and foster their parents’ and ancestors’ language and traditions…With their politically charged lyrics and commentaries, Lopango ya Banka of Congo…Buza and Mangenge, the vocalists of Lopango ya Banka, jointly rap and sign in Lingala, Tshiluba and Kikongo. With their popular debut released “Telema (mpona Kongo)”  translating to ” Stand up – for Kongo,” they have provided the Congolese youth with a new national anthem in their proper language.

Telema mpo na Kongo

A song sang in one of our native tongue, Lingala, this song urges the Youth not to listen to the many negative messages that is used to label and down play Congo. Instead, we should stand strong,  we need to wake up, change our mentalities, put away greed, and our selfishness ways in order to rebuild a stronger country. We are all from one nation, one ancestor, one earth and it is crucial that we stand united in order to move forth the interest of our people.

Only WE can look out for the interest of the Congolese, because it is our responsibility and not America’s, Europes, or China’s.


Bifuku Mitano

This song again urges for the Youth to wake up and become conscious of the issues suffocating our nation.  The artists paint the image of death, of lost and dispersion.  Although, we may not be directly affected by the turmoil taking place in the Congo, it is important that we realize that, a woman rapped, a man beaten to death and starved children, is a little of ourselves dying, because until we get up and do something, darkness will forever reign and our problems will  soontake over and swallow our beloved country…imagine waking up one morning and turning on the news to find out that CONGO IS NO MORE!

     —————————->> For more info: http://www.lopango-yabanka.com      <<——————————–


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