Hugo Million

Name: Tresor Hugo (Stage name: Hugo Million)

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: Atlanta (ATL), USA

Origin: DR Congo


Formerly known as Tresor Hugo, Hugo Million is bringing his brand of Hip-Hop music back to the land of his fathers. Born in Luanda, Angola AFR and raised in Long Island, NY USA, Hugo Million has seen his share of independent successes as his former alias Tresor Hugo. Performing as Tresor Hugo, he toured the states, reaching #1 on the Billboard Charts (Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Single Sales Aug 2008) and sold over 30,000 copies of his debut albumin the first two months. Now Hugo has his sights set on the Congo for the release of his latest project “Muana Ya Amerique.”

Literally meaning “child of America” in Hugo’s native Congolese language Lingala, “Muana Ya Amerique” boasts of Congolese pride and the pride of African people in general. The album tells the story of growing up African in an American society. “My parents used to tell me that outside is America, but in THIS house is Africa,” Hugo says, adding, “when going out with my friends, I’d listen to Nas and Jay-Z, but in the house, it was always Papa Wemba and Koffi Olomide.”

Hugo Million’s eccentric lyrical style delivers an air of fun and wit commingled with stark truths. Hugo effortlessly maneuvers between issues relating to God and faith, to the allure of money and power. This album also displays more of his raw singing ability as he croons melodies over his anthemic production. The lead single “Matche Eza Wo!” is Hugo’s rendition of the winner’s anthem – his signature sound and favorite style of song to produce. “Even though I was raised in America, it wasn’t easy to get to where I am now.” The road to Congo has been paved with adversity, hope, and ultimately victory.

As the Congolese are known for their rich musical heritage, Hugo endeavors to add a new level of sophistication to the Hip-Hop scene. “I want to bring a high quality of production and set the bar musically for what people should expect from a Hip-Hop artist. Lyrically, I want to introduce a new way of thinking that enriches the Congolese people and the youth culture – but not just as an artist.” With the eyes, ears, and hearts of his fellow Congolese, Hugo intends to be a role-model figure, exuding national pride and a triumphant spirit that is characteristic of many “children” ya Amerique.

Match Eza Wo


Benga Nzambe

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