Welcome to Mbokayabakoko!!

WARNING this is not a website, but a friendly and easy to manage blog, created with you in mind for you to use and connect with fellow Congolese worldwide. Through weekly/monthly posts of Editorials, Poems, Letters, Advises, videos, and of course our own “Just for fun wkly Polls” and many more, we hope to stir conversations which will hopefully result in the unity and mobilization of all Congolese Youth.

WE INVITE YOU to join in the conversation in creating more lively discussions, this can be done by leaving comments and posing questions and so on. This is YOUR blog!

If you are interested in having your work posted, which we OPENLY WELCOME, make sure to contact us and we shall proceed from there. The same is applicable if you want us to post something you think will be of interest and beneficial to the mass or if you just want a topic to be discussed, contact us and we shall try our best to accommodate to your need and request.

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL MAMBO JAMBO SITE. What we do we do it for fun but the serious kind of fun, and we highly encourage you to participate and interact……Lets the FUN BEGIN!!

If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You….
                                                                                          They’re Not Big Enough!

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