Tres B

Name: Tresor Kiambu (Stage name : Tres B)

Genre: Folk, Hip Hop, Soul

Location: London, UK

Origins: Kinshasa, DR Congo

DOB:  02/16/1988

Best Friend

A song that lingers on the need and importance of friendship. In this song, Tres B evokes the emotions that are attached with the need of a friend; the significance of the cooperative and supportive relationship between people that a friendship elicits.  When he repetitively cries out ” I need you best friend” he isn’t implying that friendship should be a clinging or almost controlling interaction between two people, but rather a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis. Thus when he says ” I need you” he is simply to trying to get across the idea that when we take on a relationship, it becomes our responsibility see that both people involved are growing and progressing positively and thus we must also make it our responsibility to look out for our friend’s best interest. This does not mean that our personal growth should suffer as consequence.


Afrika Rising Soundsplash with Tres B ft DNile

A beautiful acoustic track accompanied with guitar and violin. Sang in Lingala, the song, talks of being vigilant and cautious when dealing with false prophets. Praising the wealth of the Congo and of the Congolese people, this song is fast becoming of my favorite. Just a bundle of satisfaction to my ears.

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