The Colonization of Africa: Round 2

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Advice, General

Author – Aurelie 

There has been so much that has happened since November 2011,  that I almost don’t know where to start or what to talk about. What I will concentrate on is my own reflection and theory regarding Congo’s current state and possible future.

We have been marching, protesting, blocking traffic on highways and bridges and yet this falls on deaf ears or we are simply side stepped and overlooked as you would a dog’s feces on a sidewalk. However, let a white man make a video about how his NGO, throw in a few crying children turned child soldiers, and a new villain for people to hate, because we all seem to love a good villain.

This started out as a simple project that made the social networking rounds, and ended up catching the attention of the entire world, including over 40 million you tube views and counting. It seems so odd to me how a human’s suffering can become sensationalized. The bad guy of the hour in the storyline is Joseph Kony, same first name as Joseph Kabila, I wonder if there’s a pattern here!

This man has been committing crimes against humanity, recruiting children as child soldiers and little girls as sex slaves for 26 years! It is now 2012 why the sudden interest? Why get involved in a situation that is not on American soil when its foreign policy is less than desirable? Why chase a guy around that was provided weapons made in America to better torment the Ugandan people? Personally I feel that this is a big distraction that the American government has spear headed to again cover the truth and distract the population from its true motive.

I feel bringing American troops to help the Ugandan government, whom by the way the international criminal court has charged with countless war crimes and humanity atrocities, find Kony is their way into Central Africa. I feel that if we the people are not careful we may soon be watching Congo slip from our fingers this time in a more permanent way. With European leaders descending upon the DRC to start talks with Kabila on the future of this country more so proves what may happen, the Berlin conference of 1885 only this time with different players.

My theory is a mass recolonization of Africa, for economical gain by the western forces. While Europe and America are walking a thin line on a barely stable economy, all the motives are there. It is time that the African diaspora re-evaluates the strategy of what needs to be done, so that we treat this situation with more urgency than a few marches and conferences. It is highly important that we unite or we could very well go back to modern day slavery.


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