Living On & Offline

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Advice, General

Author – Aurelie

Facebook started out as a communication tool invented by a few university students, so they could have a fun and interactive way of checking up on each other and staying in touch through the busy student life. As cliché would go the website took on a life of its own, growing quite large, becoming world renowned and being available to anyone who had access to internet. Fast forward to the present day and age, facebook has evolved from the simple reason it was created to having multiple uses available to its users.

On facebook you can start a fan page of your favorite artist, you can advertise for your business or a particular skill that you might have that would be beneficial to a specific audience category. You can start petitions for causes important to you and have a facebook page for that, you can start a facebook group about any topic you wish to discuss and create a platform where people can interact and make friends. You can network on facebook with people you otherwise would have a challenging time to locate offline, and of course expressing yourself by updating your status, and maybe sharing with a larger amount of people up to the minute developments about your day, or a news story you have just watched, or anything that comes to mind.

Finding long lost relatives, school friends you weren’t in touch with for years, and just an easier way of keeping in touch with your loved ones. With the growth of technology there are now tons of cell phone providers that include a facebook application programmed in your phone so facebook is any and everywhere you can go where cell phones are permitted. However for all the cool and awesome things facebook can do, the negative aspects have been astronomical ending long standing friendships, marriages, getting people fired from their jobs, investigations leading to arrests, and the list goes on and on and on.

Because of all these negativity, subscribers started reading about the privacy information and making changes to their privacy settings. Subscribers also realized that once you put information on your facebook page including photos, statuses, and any other data actually belongs to the site, even if you are to delete your profile that information will stay theirs for centuries to come. This is definitely an eye opener for any future users trying to subscribe to the site and even some existing ones pondering closing their pages.

What I find amazing too is that this social media outlet is being blamed for ending marriages, and all sorts of relationships. People are the ones opening pages, people are the ones putting out information and doing all the leg work, facebook has not solicited anyone; people do it out of their own free will. I find it ridiculous that people cannot take responsibility for their actions and their own bad choices. Unfortunately the negative uses have now become more of the norm than the original idea, cyber bullying, child pornography rings, cussing out the girl your boyfriend, husband, or significant other cheated on you with, and promoting all around hate.

I feel that people should take control of their online lives and keep it separate from their offline lives. The above described events should be a clear indication of the fact that the two lives don’t mix, and if you decide to put out personal private information, take ownership when things go south because people are the ones who can control what goes on the internet and what doesn’t.

I also came across a very funny video by the popular animated series “SouthPark” which uses its humor to illustrate just how seriously people have been affected by facebook and how ridiculous it can be.


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