Asa: Dreamer Girl

Posted: October 21, 2011 in General, Music

On my quest for new musical sound, something kept bringing me back to Asa (pronounced Asha). For those of you not familiar, Asa is a Nigerian-French singer-songwriter and recording artist, and may I also add that she is one of my FAVORITE. I was first introduced to Asa a few years back when her single “Jailer”  was released and I have been hooked ever since.  So when her album “Beautiful Imperfection” was made available earlier this year, I made sure to grab my own personal copy of the master piece. So when I was trying to make selections on which songs to share with you on this month’s post, Asa’s soulful and popish music kept coming to mind. So I finally gave in on the search and popped the CD on my computer and made a pick, a very tough one to say the least. 

Dreamer Girl was the tittle I finally settle for, however, I highly encourage you to check her out on YouTube/iTunes etc.. 


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