Is African Leadership Dead?

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Advice, General

Author – Mwanana L. S. 

The political party system in our country is unfortunately regarded as an occupation rather than a responsibility. This has unfortunately motivated people to run for money as they want to get paid to escape misery, or to be greedy to gain more, or to simply have a better life. These reasons have various outcomes, but lead to one major problem which is, not having one common goal in their positions. Does anyone understand where I’m coming from? We have individuals looking for any kind of job as long as it can support their family or they seek to erase their sorrows by drowning in alcohol. The kids dream big, but I guess reality is a different thing and much harder to accomplish.

I strongly believe that the relaxed attitude towards achievement has been promoted by the ill treatment of the people in the Congo, from school teachers to politicians to the average Joe, simply for having a different opinion that opposes a much stronger rival.

The destabilizing of African minds to make them disbelieve that they can achieve greater than anywhere in the world, is a psychological factor that has led leaders, not necessarily politicians, but ones in the societies, including fathers, to aim for really low goals in whatever it is they wish to achieve. A funny but true example would be, how the ‘majority of kids want to work in a bank rather than build a spaceship and explore space’.
If such an idea was to be introduced in an African school, people around would laugh, kiss their teeth and call one crazy, simply because there is that lack of determination. From history to religion, not anywhere have I seen an African intellectual do further research to find out if all that is taught in schools is true or false, we have simply closed our eyes and decided to follow.

Africa does not have its own written history, the history that our grandparents use to tell us are post colonial stories, stories which lack the  knowledge of African ancient civilizations. The African doesn’t truly know who he or she is, everyone is trying to imitate external cultures which defy our traditional morals…these are just a few examples to explain the lost conquest of African leadership.

With so much that has happened over the years, we are all lost in a sense of paranoia and insecurity, not knowing whom to trust, from wives to husbands to police to neighbors. What is happening can be defined as complete madness.

Having watched a few videos on the bestiality that some of our brothers and sisters do in our country, it brought me back to a thought, or should I say a few thoughts…first one being, ‘what did our grandparents fight for?’…did our grandparents hate the fact that the colonial masters killed to many Africans, so they drove the colonial masters away so they could remain and enjoy killing one another because it looks better for a black man to kill a black man than a white man to kill a black man’????. ‘Should we just accept the fact that we are savages, and just let the world run until Jesus returns?’… ‘Is Jesus going to ponder on what we have done with our brains?’ My last thought is, ‘if there is a God who sent down prophets, he most definitely have along with them a set of laws and orders which would rightfully grant justice to all, but everyone is too busy being played for a fool with controlled media 24/7.
It is of course highly understandable to expect less from a country that has been disrupted for so many years…our parents ran away from the Congo so we could grow in safe environments, study well and illuminate our minds from the outside, so that one day we may bring that back to Congo.

Brothers and sisters, life is not about silver and gold, it’s about brotherhood,  love and peace…everybody wants to have a home….a home they can have a say in, shines where they feel they belong…well we belong to the Congo, and it would be pointless if the only thing we brought back to our country was a new church name and more bibles printed by I don’t know who…I think it’s time to search deep in our roots, where we will find the truth, and we shall water those roots till the tree grows mighty, bearing fruit of sincere leadership.


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