Pitshou Kafuku ~ Ep. 3 : Soyons sérieux

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Advice, General, Videos

Our own video commentary brought to you by Pitshou Kafuku. On this segment of the commentary, a variety of issues are tackled such as redefining our sense of patriotism (to the Congo), what it means to be a “vrais Combattant” , how we as a people need to change the way we view the Western world (all knowing etc..), Obama’s false promises and additionally the issue of Gaddafi and Lybia.

This segment of the show really resonated with me, what I liked a lot was how he used comparative reference of the Congo with the Body of Christ. Like all Christians are said to be part of the body of Christ and thus it’s imperative that we carry ourselves a certain way in order to uphold the Holy body of Christ. The same is with Congolese in relation to the Congo, We are all part of the body of the Congo, thus it’s our inherited responsibility to educate ourselves (population) and carry ourselves up right in order for the Congo to stand strong!

I highly recommend everyone to really take some times to listen to the ideology being communicated in this video.


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