Abd Al Malik – Mon amour feat Wallen

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Et si tu ne me reconnais pas
Te reconnais-tu lorsque tu vois ce que nous sommes devenus
Et si mon image dis « tu ne peux y regretter la tienne »
C’est que l’obscur de ton regard noirci notre lumière
Alors tous les soirs lorsque je chante « c’est pas moi c’est les autres »
Je me dis que c’est pas si simple que ca
De reconnaitre tes fautes
Le monde est ainsi fait n’est ce pas
Mais peut-il reellement ce faire sans nous
Peut-il reellement se faire sans toi ?

There is a saying that says “Poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition” I have never been able to really understood this until I listened to Abd Al Malik’s work. Best described as a deconstructionist rapper, Abd Al Malik’s radical style is much in keeping with the groundbreaking work of the deconstructionist philosophers whom he studied at university.

The pioneering young rapper introduced a totally new aesthetic to French hip-hop, pushing back musical borders and transcending styles on his second solo album “Gibraltar”, released in 2006. The Sufi poet-rapper, who began his career with the Strasbourg crew New African Poets, has won a number of prestigious awards in the course of his career and his thought-provoking songs are now enjoying increasing success on the musical mainstream.


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