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Posted: June 9, 2011 in General, News
Viva Riva! – Official Trailer

Kinshasa is a city of silky smooth and pulsating nightlife, always ready to go on forever. The happy few who have it all life the high life, never looking back on those who have nothing and live in envy, dreaming of their turn as kings and queens of the night. Riva is one of those dreamers who had nothing, until he returned from ten years away, his pockets full of cash and determined to have the time of his life. With his old pal, J.M., he sets out for a night of drink, dance and debauchery. Queen of the night, mysterious, distant beauty, Nora’s dance transfixes Riva. No matter that she belongs to a local gangster, Riva must have her. Could this be something real?

The money Riva is spending belongs to his old boss in Angola, who, in hot pursuit, wreaks bloody havoc every step of his way through town to find Riva. The dream becomes a nightmare, as Riva suffers the cold light of day – and his glory time runs out in a sordid pit on the edge of town.

REVIEW: The Movie Received 6 awards, including best film, best director. Djo tunda Wa Munga’s Viva Riva!, a crime thriller set among Congolese gas gangsters, was the big winner at the 2011 African Movie Academy Awards, taking six trophies including best film. The feature also scooped the best direct being prize, took supporting actor and actress honors for Hoji Fortuna and Marlene Longage respectively, and won best cinematography and best production design.

Viva Riva! Has been generating buzz- and international sales – since its premier at the Toronto Film Festival last year. German sales outfit Beta Cinema has locked down multiple territories for the drama, including sales to Music Box Films in the U.S..

For all those residing in the States, Please make sure you go out and watch the movie when it comes out to a city near you, We need to show support to one of our own!


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