Posted: June 2, 2011 in General, Uncategorized

Author: Sid Morrison Washington

could you imagine shades?
to see all the colors
to see all the wrong and see all the right
to see at day and to see at night

could you imagine?

could you imagine shades of our attitudes
and imagine the depth and the altitude
of the shade of the power and the aptitude
of a people in the mo’ with the shades of a mood

could you imagine?

we’ll imagine the shade from thousands of trees
imagine a forest – imagine please
and imagine the shade that allah might cast
and the thundering roar when they cut down the last
imagine no shade and no air to breathe
then imagine the earth when we’d have to leave
now imagine this time has come real near

could you imagine?
would you fear?

could you imagine me and you living in harmony?
could you imagine? could it be?

if i started civilization and you ripped it apart
stepped on my people and tore out our heart
oppressed them, caressed them till they forgot their place

could you imagine? the pain in my face!

could you imagine? us when we’ve gained the power!
and that time grows short hour by hour
so when our time comes we want you in our light
shinning by our sides so we don’t have to fight
our power – great

could you imagine? before too late!

could you imagine? shades pulled by night
to block out the cold and keep out the white
to protect – correct and redirect
the temperature of hate and its ill affect

could you imagine?

so what you conceive you better believe
and if you do us wrong you just better leave
cause we’ll have no of that – oh no not we!
could you imagine?
us when we’re free!

could you imagine?

a holocaust, millions lost at sea
by the need and the greed to enslave those like me
then imagine a passage set across an ocean
the pain and the fear and the waving motion
the thunder and the lightning and deafen commotion
and the reason for this poem and its essential notion

now imagine, if you can
the will of this man
with the knowledge of self
and god in his hand

could you imagine?

then imagine the plot
this hand might cast
to bring about the new
and avenge all the past

then imagine a great wind
that began as a leaf storm
and the twists and turns
till it was beyond any norm

then imagine the destruction created by its path
imagine aum and his mighty wrath
imagine redemption when you do the math

now remember this image casted by me
vast in size and inspired by we
to engulf all wrong so the meek may be
the image of strength – shaded and free!


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