Avis du public presente verite choc 2

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Advice, General, Videos

A show put together by the creators of Avis du Public, a Canadian site that aims to promote and distribute information regarding Congolese music, cultural event taking place in the Congolese community in the Montreal area, in addition to promotion, the site is also involved in the production of shows such as Verite Choc.

On this segment of Verite Choc, the issue addressed is marriage, the roles of men and women in the holy matrimony. Personally, I love the initiative to discuss such a prevalent issue, however, I was taken aback by the fact that physical abuse of women by their husbands is still widely accepted in our communities. You would think that with the woman liberation/movement, men would learn to respect and treat their women right. Also, it is time that we as members of the community intervene and help when a woman coming from and abusive relationship seeks our help…

Enjoy the show, I know I did!!!

————————————->> For more info: http://www.avisdupublic.org/ver2/ <<—————————————–


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