A Little bit of me and you

Posted: June 2, 2011 in General, Uncategorized

Slip and spill
What you keep and feel
Before you see what it means
Time has come
Long before you can do the sum
Of the things you lose
Of the people you move,
I hear them cry,
I close my heart and throw away the key,
Because they know I can fly,
And act like I cant see,
Blood run through their veins,
That color is just paint,
Night will not last,
Light will come at last,
and you and me will be one,
bonded like twins intertwined,
in the belly of mother Earth,
long before we started claiming turf,
I heard a song through the night
For you and I to look up and see the light
I hear it says free my sons,
From prisons of hate to be fathers and brothers,
I hear it says open your arms,
To embrace mothers and sisters,
Cry with those who cry
Rejoice with those who rejoice,
Leave your ego at the door
Check in only with your sores
until we let you have the floor,
until we see you under your core,
that you hide behind doors,
its time to let go of torn lies for real talk,
its time to drop masks of happiness to mask our distress,
its time to leave those chains that we give ourselves,
its time to hold on to that last breath,
its time to breathe it in before you breathe it out.
By Joe Mulumba

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