Word to the Congo

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Advice, General
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I speak in parables that only the right and patient state of mind can comprehend.

My intuition stands for the true liberation of the Democratic Republic of Congo and our African brothers and sisters across all borders
To start with, we must change our approach to the way we think and comport ourselves, to think positive at all times and to work hard in fulfilling life’s true purpose.
Some live life for today like there is no tomorrow, which I believe is a human’s free will and every individual’s right to do so.
A lot of futures are being cut short with the massacre of infants and the violation of a nation’s mother through rape… A generation to be sacrificed in order to bare fruits with we which shall all smile and be proud of. When I say sacrifice, I don’t mean to die..We are all blessed with the gift of life and each has the potential to take part and overcome every obstacle…it is up to us to utilize our time effectively.
A lot of brothers and sisters seem to abandon the thought of the next day and prefer corruption and deceit as a chance to fulfill their personal needs ..But for how long will we run away from the truth because it makes some mad and sad, but soon reveling humiliation of our own carelessness?
A lot have the opportunity to make allot of difference, but the system, typical lifestyle and negative societies that we live in tend to lower our self esteem and divert initial aims into never ending pits of failure of accomplishment.
The children dream of a glass of clean water and sanitation, secured shelter, a happy family and firm establishment of a nation’s sweet upbringing.
For how long shall we wait for a savior when the key to be free is within us?
The souls of our own brothers and sisters sold to a spirit of self consciousness to sacrifice lives of an infant.
Youth be wise because we are the future.
Long live the true change yet to be realized by our efforts in unity and intelligence. A brotherhood in peace to eliminate once and for all the ideology of captivity within our own shells by lack of confidence and not believing in one’s self.
Deprived of liberty, we need to stand together as one people and understand that we capable to OVERCOME any obstacle

Keep it real yall!

By Mwanana Luhembwe Sulubani

  1. Oceanne says:

    Great piece of work, truly appreciate your input!

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