Creating A Positive Image

Posted: May 28, 2011 in General, News, Videos

Are you able to identify the Congolese student that scored the highest in your community? Are you able to pinpoint the many projects both personal and communal that members of your community are doing to better themselves and the Congolese image?

It would be a miracle if you knew who he or she is without that person being one of your acquaintances. How can we expect to do better as a people, if we do not have any hero and models to look up to? Because it is proven that the image that a person has of himself comes directly from the images project by the group that person belongs to.

In correlation with the aim and goal of mbokayabakoko, ” A la Recherche” is an original idea from Dominique Diomi, that seeks to put on a “pieds d’éstal” and shed a light on the life of those who excel in their domain of predilection, those who may be susceptible of inspiring others by their accomplishments.

The goals of ” A la Recherche” is to simply promote a positive image of our people, to present the Congolese under a better light through the presentation of successful Congolese individuals. For that effect the ” A la Recherche” crew goes around with their camera in order to capture images and personal stories and spread a positive type of gossip.

———->> More Videos can be found : <<————


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